Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 01

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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239 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 01

  1. [YT] im abit blur about the relationship on the “news”. so the oldman has two children, and the elder son died and so the daughter would do ____ to get the fortune? and how is lanzhenglong related to the oldman?

  2. [YT] this drama looks so good already!! i loved the first episode. Qiu Ze (Roy?) looks hot as a bad guy. haha. can’t wait!! thank you sugoiteam, you guys rock.

  3. [YT] 你的手可不可以不要那麼接近我的胸部啊!還有鴿子蛋…吹喇叭!哈哈!


  4. [YT] 命中完了以后..中间隔了珊宝妹..然后又是小天的败犬..之后又回到乔恩..-_-!!重点是..和珊宝妹一样..开始的时候一定是男主角开始很坏..-_-!!

  5. [YT] Can someone explain to me is that two Blue’s parents?
    Or his parents are dead?
    He is the grandson of the old man?
    Gino look so different, I can hardly recognize him…

  6. [YT] 哪邊形象不足阿
    挖 你好厲害喔

  7. [YT] 我覺得藍正龍一開始出場的氣勢..好薄弱喔..= =”…存在感太少了

  8. [YT] somehow, i have a feeling that the building in 02.00 is the Guan Mei Lu Dian in Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa? – wild guess.

    this show, somehow will turn successful.

  9. [YT] Yep it’s Gino! I’m so glad he’s in this, he hasn’t been in anything since Smiling Pasta and that was 3 years ago.

    Why is it that those parents are always gold diggers, in every drama they’re in?

  10. [YT] HAHAHHAHHAHAH!!! this show seems so niceee! I wanna watch the next episode so much!! ARGH. why must it be once a week?! Lol sorry i too anxious. how i hope everyday is saturday. lol

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