Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 02

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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217 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 02

  1. [YT] i’m sorry for your parents,they are the ones who had a fag for a son not a man lmao stupid biatch,who said you can talk to me fag your a 3rd world pathetic moron,who if your lucky get’s to actually wipe his ass once a month with toilet paper.stfu asshole before i crush you with my wallet…lmao

  2. [YT] 大風小時候真可憐,他爺爺竟然沒救他。他其實人不壞,因為還stop 福安 from going inside to save her grandma.

    奶奶… 🙁

  3. [YT] 片頭曲真的越聽越好聽~=ˇ=


  4. [YT] 謝謝這位善心人士,讓我在海外還能觀賞陳喬恩的演技。又是一部經典劇,加油!!陳喬恩、加油blue先生。加油這位先生…。雖然衣衫上有爭議,但演技上真的沒話說,看得出來blue&joe對戲是互相激法對方演技,但blue&怡仁對戲還是有一點距離(陌生)的感覺。

  5. [YT] haha…i love watching behind the scene…i keep on repeating the scene where qiao en’s friend come and rescue her,she said “sorry,excuse me” that part…her hand knocked on bluelan’s head is so funny…haha…i love that part!

    福氣又安康 is such a nice drama…qiao en and blue lan are so cute together…i love both of them…one pretty,one handsome and hot….hehe
    always support 福氣又安康!

  6. [YT] 鄉下人= =心機好重呀!

  7. [YT] actually can see from the 1st half of the video tt actually blue is not a bad guy…like he still is human to at least accompany fu-an back home and even help her up along the way and also restrain her from running into the house..is his grandpa who didnt save him from the kidnappers so cant blame him for hating his grandpa…

  8. [YT] omg so funny hahahaha they should have asked him to write it down, bullshit and fartegg hahaha! am i the only one who thinks he shouldv renamed it, does it make sense that he uses the same name to such fame and fortune and she never hears of babaowan?

  9. [YT] But the 奶奶 also wasn’t burnt what ? I think she was suffocated with the smoke and all those stuff + she had lung cancer didn’t have good breathing system and so when they discovered her corpse didn’t immediately send her to the hospital cause she was already dead.

  10. [YT] He can’t do that cos that won’t show the it’s the 福安 who changed him. If he did that then isn’t it too fast? After one episode with that girl he changed? Woah. Then that girl is like an angel with powers? Hahas just joking .. But i mean the story has to have a flow you know 😀

  11. [YT] 陳喬恩的演技真好,上一秒嘻嘻哈哈的一個大喇喇女生,下一秒就能詮釋喪失親人的痛苦,哭得兩隻眼睛都紅腫了,演得既有層次,又有發自內心的情感, 已經是一位 最佳女主角………

  12. [YT] 因為她”樸實”的裝扮有一種鄰家女孩和外柔內剛卻又清晰可人的氣質~ 是很多人扮不j來的! 個人對他沒有特別喜歡或不喜歡,但的確認為這樣的角色由他來詮釋真是太適合不過了!

  13. [YT] Yes, once a week. Not sure yet, since it may be extended depending on the great ratings/popular demand.

    Lolz..it’s funny how the town chief has a “shan dong” mainland china accent, when he’s supposedly the mayor of Taiwan’s country-side.

  14. [YT] blue in the drama doesnt seem so cold blooded when they got out of the mud and qiao en kept on fallin and he helped her and how he was holding onto her 2 not let her in the fire and how he looked @ her @ about 8:28

  15. [YT] in drama they want to make it so real that they can but sometime something they cann´t, but for me that doesn´t matter because it make the drama still good

  16. [YT] wow… and i kept saying aww ands tuff wen the grandma was remember these memories… they were all fake:( i feel so bad for her! waiting all those times for tht jerk!

  17. [YT] 呵呵,感覺自己真是膚淺,那么壞的旺財,就是因為長得帥,就一點都恨不起來。唉。。。現實是丑陋的啊。。

  18. [YT] this is soo sad =[

    but i was just wondering how come the medical document and the paper didnt burn? i mean although she held it tightly, nai nai was trpped under this burning pillar. I just thought this bit didnt make much sense

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