Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 03

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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182 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 03

  1. in part 5, “I’m a wiener” and “I’m a winner” are two different things lol the girl should get the facts straight hahhaha

  2. [YT] me too me too! i purposely wait till now then watch this episode so i wouldnt have to wait 1 wk for the next epi…haha, i f i could wait longer, i would have wait till tonight to watch 2 epi at once, but cant wait…. LOL XD

  3. [YT] 他們下山前將賣單車的錢去買了部手機

  4. [YT] yep – didn’t even pronounce “loser” and “winner” correctly. The way she said “winner” sounded like “wiener” – meaning wimp.

    Oh I will. I do like this TV series though.

  5. [YT] 看到第三集,,

  6. [YT] There are shelters for the homeless in Taiwan. I’m guessing the plot is this way because it would have been too easy for the story and the audience may not sympathize Fu An as much.

  7. [YT] 不得不說邱先生..好厲害唸那段「那天你幫我一個忙,所以我要你幫我,讓我幫你一個忙….你這樣算是幫了我一個大忙 」那麼難唸的一段話,我聽也聽得快忙忙忙了!

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