Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 04

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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193 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 04

  1. [YT] wahx tis reason also can ??? lols F3
    blue so shuaii sia
    although his quite a liitle bad but i think
    fu an in tis show sure made miie abit better … i m getting exciting exciting and exciting …. CANT wait to watch
    they 2 is funny hehex

  2. [YT] the body guards are all fat and ugly~ did you see that one guy at 7:19 had his stomache and head all exposed and his fists was so whimply placed in front! so unprofessional

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