Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 08

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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172 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 08

  1. lolz why is everybody blaming da feng @[email protected] he did not come late on purpose ,he already try his best to make that handmake car throughout the night because of the “promise” & fu an is kinda inconsiderate in this case ~she didnt help him with da handmake car so she shouldnt get angry for his being late plus da handmake car should be done together why in da hell did fa feng do alone == sumore fu an throw da flower tsk tsk pity da feng =//

  2. [YT] it’s because his father married into his mom’s family, not like how normally the woman marries into the man’s family
    (female dominates in this marriage)

  3. [YT] Well, perhaps so. However if he doesn’t change his personality 360 degrees, I won’t start to appreciate his presence any time soon. Now they are trying to take out Dong Jie, I don’t see how in the world Fu An is going to forgive him

  4. [YT] i COMPLETELY TOTALLY agree with you. i cant hate the male lead enough….wtf. fu an must be w/ dong jie or this show is too retarted……nothing really happened between da fung and fu an even now, after freakin 8 episodes……..this show is too slow, and dong jie is just too influential, like you said.

  5. [YT] 因為~~在比較早以前~~
    一路按著舊式的喇叭~(發出ba bu聲音的那種)~告訴你冰淇淋來了~~~所以都叫ba bu lo!!~~
    some place still have this tradition~~

  6. [YT] 嗯嗯

  7. [YT] i’m starting to lose interest in this drama. the highlights of each ep are when dong jie meets up w/ fu an–not much else. da fung seems to have only one expression for smirkiness/ his evil side. he needs to work on his acting skills.

  8. [YT] this is like the first that I hate the male lead sooo much…=__=.. I wish he could get lost with his bitchy girlfriend.
    In typical drama, the other guy is nice and all, but I still wished the girl to end up with the male lead..
    HOWEVER, this drama is tipping the scale a little too much. It would seem super retarded if she didn’t end up with Dong Jie, his character is way too influential to be cast aside.

  9. [YT] I guess she is crying mostly for the disappointment that she feels against Da Feng and also she feels sad when her dream of being loved by someone has been shattered. However, I still wish that she will end up with Dong Jie.

  10. [YT] why don’t we end this drama here? 我們就當作福安對惡魔失戀了,卻被東杰天使感動到迷戀,然後不管大風多麼地追求她,她還是會跟韓東杰在一起,過著福氣又安康的生活。因為他們倆真的很配 ^^

  11. [YT] okay this is soo fake and dramatic just because he is late she gets that angray and cries ??? comme on fu an dont be soo gulliable! and is soo weriod how she falls for da fung soo fast

  12. [YT] fu an should ask why da fong is late.. she didnt worry what happened to him and makes him late??? she just cares.. yes or no.. that’s kindof selfish..

  13. [YT] sigh. the two main guy characters are so cute. i really dont know which one i want fu an to be with…i mean i know who shes going to end up with but i dont know if i support that. lolz. confusing right? lolz.

  14. [YT] no offense, but the plot is getting a bit too crazy. the character fu an is quite badly written. she is not that consistent. qiao en should try diff characters, it seems she is always playing the same naive girl. i know her acting is better than that. hopefully the drama will get better later as da feng falls for her completely

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