Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 11

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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180 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 11

  1. [YT] I HATED Da Feng in the beginning. Like I didn’t want to watch this drama cuz he was such a jerk. But I was like how the heck does SHE fall for HIM?!?!
    but now… he’s so sweet…!!!!!! and perfect and amazingly hot and good to her! They have such GREAT chemistry!
    But I’m still not 100% certain he is sincere… he did tell Zheng Zheng off though… 🙂

  2. [YT] I love the way Da Feng smiled when Fu An fell on him and his hand protected her fall. 🙂 Plus while Fu An was all engrossed smiling for the camera, he looked at her! <3

  3. [YT] Haha, this scene gotta be the most endearing for me, from the outfits (notice the matching color theme on Fu an and Da Feng?) to the eager reaction on Da Feng’s reply to Fu an, and the way Pi Dan wiggles the caterpillar at Da Feng, haha, so funny.

  4. [YT] I like the way things are developing for Da Feng and Fu An. This scene sees a great deal of bonding between them as Da Feng got to understand Fu An’s life back at Fu Man San then.

  5. [YT] I really didnt like ZZ before, but now I see the other side, a little…sure, she’s done loads of bad things so far, but I think she’s just really insecure, she wants to be respected and protected. She has said too many lies now, but I still hope that she has a happy ending~ On a side note, NiNi is REALLY cute, reminds me of my hamster!

  6. [YT] this episode is an interesting one..more development from each character. i’m great to see more Yan yang character develops. i wonder how he going to settle his relationship with ZZ.

  7. [YT] if gramps made a lie to see if he really likes her, thats really not funny D; they could really go good together and the family could have a great relation again. to me, i think not being with the one you love seems better than taking the truth that the sickness was a lie.

  8. [YT] Oh also, 大風 can never relax around people so I can understand the constant frowning, but when he DOES smile, he looks really sincere. And did I mention he looks cute like that? 😀

  9. [YT] 陽陽 is pretty good looking but 大風 is so damn hot!
    大風 isn’t good at expressing his feelings. He didn’t know how to impress women that well (ie that biaatch told him to get chocolate, or 陽陽 taught him how to propose) but he planned to take off from work for their wedding photo at 福安’s old home…he’s learning!

  10. [YT] i know one min the guy is in love w/the girl?
    come on u know.. too sudden n hes so money obsessed just last epi n now he can give it all up? hum… plot is very rushed… not believable at all..

  11. [YT] 雖然大風跟福安在一起很棒,因為大風被福安所感化,福安找到了幸福。但是東杰卻被甩了…,做朋友都還可以吧!怎麼結了婚就態度變那麼冷淡?喜帖給了東杰就快閃了。

  12. [YT] 大風從小就是在那種龐大壓力的環境下長大,早已忘記快樂的感覺,因此他總是那種冷酷而無感情的表情,而他現在才剛剛被福安給感化,但是二十幾年都是如此,要他依下改過來也不太容易,因此現在他還是這種樣子,但是已經被感化的他我相信會慢慢變的有血有淚有感情。這是我的一些感覺,不過到底是不是如此我就不知道了。

  13. [YT] 為什麼大風對福安的眼神還是很不屑的感覺,他到底有沒有喜歡福安啊?很明顯看得出福安是喜歡大風,不是東杰,可是大風不管對珍珍還是福安或是其他人,表情永遠都一個樣,對愛人的表情應該要跟別人有所區別吧

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