Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 13

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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144 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 13

  1. omg this drama is so cute and romantic, i finally finished watching and rewatched the part where they were in the bed when he was drunk and said he had a surprise for her….and i realized it was the house in fu man shan! so cuteee

  2. if im someonez wife already…then i wudnt b feeding some other man food/med even if hez sick. we’re all adults….we shud at least know how to take meds or eat even wen we’re sick.

  3. [YT] i kinda like the chemistry between fu an and dongjie too, the vibes they emit to one another are just so natural, needless to say, they will make an excellent couple be it in reel life or real life!!!

  4. [YT] 珍珍真無聊!八百億關她什麽事? 她是個外人?
    而且到尾啦 為什麽要弄一個坏結局…………..?應該是開開心心的結婚后的生活嗎??

  5. [YT] the traditional orthodox asian culture doesnt have engagement phase, we usually wear only one ring which is the wedding band & it’s usually on the right hand .

  6. [YT] why is it that in most asian dramas/movies the married or about to be married female characters wear their rings on the right hand, and not on the usual wedding finger of the left hand? Can someone explain?

  7. [YT] dude wtffffff i thought this was the last epp!!!!!!!! ughhhh i was so excited to see a happy ending and now i have to wait ANOTHER week??!?!?!?!?!??!1 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS HORRIBLE omgggg i hate waiting!! :(((((( jeeezzz this is too addictinggggg

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