Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 14

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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220 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 14

  1. lolz how does dongjie know he wont hurt fu an == it’s not like he can predict the future duh :333 a true love is like how da feng & fu an is (there’s bitter memories and also happy ones)~it’s not sweet sweet or protect u ALL the way [[boring relationship ]] support da feng more jia you ~=]

    • Every person got their own way of thinking mah… In Dong Jie’s eyes, Da Feng is a person who only knows how to hurt and make Fu An cry because Fu An will only find him everytime after he got into a fight with Da Feng and Dong Jie is the one who always cheers her up… That’s why, Dong Jie thinks he can give more happiness to Fu An because whenever he is with her, Fu An always smiles (: That’s also because, Dong Jie had never witness with his own eyes the happy times between Fu An and Da Feng…

  2. [YT] yea they always make a movie like thats… 2 people love eachother and something happens, they seperate and then this other person likes em too. but eventually they still like them and get back together ._.

  3. [YT] I’ve seen the aunt from some movie before… but with longer hair i dont remember where i think it was in You’re My Destiny…?
    Gawsh~Why did she have to know!!!
    She won’t get him or money back at all! Whats the point! D;

  4. [YT] 福安這場戲, 睫毛刷和眼線畫太濃了, 當大風向福安告白時,2人面對面坐著, 福安一直是水汪汪的大眼, 我還直擔心會留下2行黑水呢 ! !

  5. [YT] 好喜歡看幕後花絮, …喬恩說她和藍正龍拍吻戲, 心跳很快….臉好像很紅… 喬恩出道那麼久,還會心跳很快, 可見喬恩是 不自覺或下意識, 是真正喜歡藍正龍, 不是邱澤喔! 看到喬恩幕後 要吃大蒜,好自然 好可愛! 不論妳喜歡誰? 我們永遠支持妳!

  6. [YT] Why does she have to change clothes everytime when she wants to leave ? And the worse is that they make her think about changing clothes but not taking money… that’s so unrealistic !

  7. [YT] on the first couple of episodes, they mentioned that the grandmother only got married because her dad was sick and they were poor so she had to get married in order to get money for medicine..or something like that

  8. [YT] i think zhen zhen is very fake.. i don’t think she knows how to act… it is not that she lie that makes me feel that she is fake.. but i think she doesn’t know how to act…

  9. [YT] 緊張緊張緊張,刺激刺激刺激,接下來大風有可能回到無情惡魔嗎?福安又有可能再次感化無情惡魔的萬年冰冷心嗎?敬請期待,錯過了….哩ㄟ勞目屎

  10. [YT] 如果大風不是真的對她有感情
    還要謝福安幹嗎 !!!!!
    這樣講千百個理由你也不信啊 對吧 ?

  11. [YT] I can understand zhenzhen’s feelings and why it would make her do these things, she just needs someone to talk it out with (go yangyang XD love you)

    But Pidan is just stupid!! You’re like 10 and you go around believing stupid things from crazy ppl!!

  12. [YT] i agree! seriously that f**ing retarded a**hole of an ugly fat boy. i really hate him now. hate him more than zhenzhen.

    and i really hope they can stop blaming da feng. not like he was the one who got the niuzhangzhi.. he didnt even know it’s from fu an’s house at first. it was after that then he knew.

  13. [YT] what makes the aunt and uncle thk they can revenge on da feng, they have done exactly the same thing to fu an at first place :-[ and if the aunt didnt reveal those that shouldnt be said to fu an, things might not be as bad as now!!

  14. [YT] OMG, I’m crying. it cuts me like a knife to see Da Feng hurt and crying. I know that I’m a little bias because ILOVE BLUE LAN but I’m crying for Da feng here. this is so sad. I love this drama

  15. [YT] OMG dis is the first time Da Feng cried. I feel so sad for him. Fu An is sad over the Grandma for nothing, cuz she was about to die anyways. Its not like she a healthy looking grandma

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