Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 17

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Yan Da Feng is a rich, arrogant, hot tempered, bad boy who refuses to honor his grandfather’s wish to marry an ordinary country girl, Xie Fu An, who is studying herbal remedies with her grandmother. To get out of the marriage, he sends a killer to get rid of her.

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312 thoughts on “Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 17

  1. [YT] im sorry but i have to say the next drama’s main male character is ugly

    BUT the girl seems like a really good actor

    sorta looking forward to watching the drama

  2. [YT] I don’t understand what you said about nice guys and time (irrelevant much?), so I am going to not answer that question. If it was a mentally healthy adult, then no I would not forgive them. This is not a movie, its a soap opera. Secondly, studies have shown that tv shows have effects on youth’s decision making. If shows broadcast that its socially acceptable to do these things, some youth might/will be significantly influenced and might/will embody some of these lessons.

  3. [YT] You know… you can’t just trust any nice guy. Just pass by a nice person and know em for a few hours and say “Oh you seem nice, you can be my friend forever” and yea. And take it this way. If someone murdered your father, would you forgive the murderer? it wouldn’t be their fault and you would forgive them easily? and if your lover cheats/deceives you, he’s obviously not a person you should’ve been with in the first place. movies are just to entertain… not to teach you valuable lessons…

  4. [YT] Wow I am thankful for all the lessons that this drama has taught me. If your lover deceives you, hits you, and/ cheats on you its ok to forgive him because he “will” change. If a nice guy comes around, just make him your friend, because nice guys can’t be boyfriends. And if someone kills a member of your family, its okay to forgive, because it wasn’t like it was there fault she died in anyway. Thanks 福氣又安康 for teaching our youth these important lessons of life.

  5. [YT] “只要你叫我的名字,我一定會出現’ 感覺像王子變青蛙.


    三立加油! 另一個尤質戲劇.

  6. [YT] oh looking forward to the next drama!
    but in the last few seconds of the preview, the girl that Vanness is hugging should be the rich girl (許瑋甯)?? is that becoz Vanness gonna lose his memory? so thats why the slogan is like ” love never leaves us but u just cant rmb it” … sounds sad~

  7. [YT] 不是演員的關係..相信這些演員也拍的很辛苦…這編劇真,神,寫這種爛到不行的劇情,跟本就是想毀了這些演員,福安也把與世無爭的角色演的很好,不過就是戲戲不連戲..

  8. [YT] no i meant that he was hugging her with the kid there. meaning that he didn’t hug the kid in the preview but the kid was there when he hugged her therefore, he didn’t die because the kid was already like 4 or something.

  9. [YT] The ending disappointed meeee. Sigh. 🙁


    Vanness 好帥喔。下一部戲看起來不錯,但感覺有點像流星花園。 But I want to watch it! 😀

  10. [YT] 這幾場戲都有問題:
    1. 大風的車子從紅色變成白色
    2. 那個女的已經把書撿起來了, 東杰還檢啊?


  11. [YT] hey can anyone plz tell me the new drama’s name…plzzz….
    looks interesting … n m kinda …already excited….lol…
    plzzzz….i think i wanna watch it…as long as no dies … m happy watching it

  12. [YT] srsly storyline did suck but that blue’s acting wasnt all that great anyways, but if they werent the cast, i bet the ratings would go down the drain so bad, because lotsa things didnt even go together in this movie

  13. [YT] 福安啊~~ 那離婚證書上只有你自己的簽名ㄟ… 是要怎ㄇ當要脅大風的把柄啦??

    結局也是… 草草就結束 🙁

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