Honey and Clover Episode 14

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A drama adaptation from a hot selling comic. It is a story that portrays how 5 ardent youths from University of the Arts face love, friendship, and the future.

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64 thoughts on “Honey and Clover Episode 14

  1. [YT] 真的哦..不是说你喜欢一个人.你坚持..他就一定会喜欢你的哦..就像小综喜欢理花啦..呵呵..亞弓和野丰..不过这样很好哦..小综和亞弓是好好朋友啦..

  2. [YT] the ending ishh a bit sweet and a bit bitter, a bit like wad life ishh like…

    but the sad thing ishh the whole story dun have a final ending like wad happens with all the couples in the show T.T

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