Love You Episode 07

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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62 thoughts on “Love You Episode 07

  1. Omg!! If rainie gets pregnant… It’s gonna be so awkward. Cuz she’s nvr acted in a show whereby she’s pregnant b4… Ö can’t wait!!!

  2. i dont think Rainie will be pregnant! she should me talking about her friend’s Meng Zhen’s baby 🙂 Anyway Rickie with Ai wei also quite compatible! But probably more compatible with ELVAAAA! <3

    • and ai wei looks much better with ETHAN!!! (^_^) they are so  cute together.. i like tiffany… she always gets these characters but i still really like her

  3. 根本是打苦情牌的小三
    女朋友會感覺變差 是因為比較心態
    如果沒有小三 女朋友不是還很OK嗎?
    怎麼可以有了新的 就開始思考舊的哪裡不好
    現在人會拋棄老婆 選擇小三
    總之介入就是不對 女朋友真的很差 等他們真的吵架分手

    • 不一樣哦…男主角已經覺得艾薇為了那個記者會而感動了…覺得還是有希望的..可是當他出現在那個記者會的時候發現其實艾薇根本就沒有變…還是她最愛的還是她自己…才對她死心了的

    • 可是你说的情况是当”正牌两方“都付出,可是艾微和杰修的恋情,都是杰修一味在让步,妥协,配合艾微。目前为止艾微唯一的委屈是差点被xx,可是说实话那也不能完全怪杰修,艾微可能在任何情况下被性骚扰,只是碰巧在等杰修的时候,还在吵架的时把这件事搬出来,我觉得更像在博同情。艾微把杰修想成理所当然是”属于“她的,所以可以为所欲为,因为在这世界上他只有她……但现在情况逆转了,晓如的出现不仅只有楼主所说的爱情层面,她让杰修意识到他在世界上不是孤独的(他没朋友,家人又一直忽略他,艾微在他需要有人陪伴的时候不一定在他身旁),他懂得什么是被关心,懂得温暖,温馨的感觉,这令他发现艾微和他之间是缺乏这种幸福的感觉。

    • 請問一下倘若是你的男女朋友,你拜託他留下,他卻毫不留情的走。第一次絕情離開。第兩次直接跟你說分手,隔天若無其事的要和好。第三次說要想在全部的人面前公開承認你,結果卻在眾人面前無形給你狠狠的一巴掌。試問一下,你能接受嗎?

  4. who is that guy that was hiding when ai wei got scolded by the manager? and he was also at the press conference

  5. OMG!
    does rainie become pregnant?
    is this for reals even though i noe this is realted to fated to love but still……

  6. Am I the only one who ships Tang Ai Wei with Song Jie Xiu? Maybe i like Tiffany too much. Hahaha. 

    But Ai Wei keeps making the same mistake over and over again til it pisses me off. -___- 

    Another week to endure ~

  7. If they’re going to make Rainie prego, this story better NOT end up the same as Fated to Love You, or else I’m gonna shoot the scriptwriter or something. Although I really like the lines. Very natural and not ultra cheesy.

    If she’s not pregnant … MISLEADING PREVIEWS MUCH. Aigoo, can’t wait until next week~! Love You, fighting!

  8. it’s funny how the jie xiu’s/the actor’s voice cracked when he said “she me?! xiao hai?!” I really hope it was intentional!

  9. Seriously, once a week is really killing me. I want to see the next ep!!! She is pregnant!!!! When is little ghost going to come out?

  10. Beofre the preview I thought she might be pregnant but seeing the preview I think she isn’t. They’re probably just let JX thinkg she’s pregnant.

  11. oMG,i love this drama because it always ,akes you think what happens next!! can’t wait till next one,i hope they do have a child togther:)

  12. 如果人可以活在过去,那我宁可不要未来~付出了出真心,被人当成垃圾!My Heart Say the same words~:'(Miss You a Lot Sann.w9

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