Love You Episode 08

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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84 thoughts on “Love You Episode 08

      • no offence, but xiao gui is disgusting. so what if we dont like him?
        we dont watch the drama because of xiao gui. hes not the main character anyway.
        just because you like him doesnt mean we like him or we HAVE to like him.
        people criticize celebs, thats the nature. accept the truth or leave it.
        i bet there are other celebs you dont like too.
        as for “u r more disgust than him!!!” firstly, theres a grammatical error, secondly, i believe you arent any better?im only saying this because you shouldnt be insulting someone u never saw.
        shame on the people who liked what swenyeeho said.
        remeber: we arent watching it only because of xiao gui.

  1. joseph and raine – macho and beautiful, nice show, can t wait for next ep. hope rating breaks 5 soooooon..

  2. that leather jacket is just so bloody awful.  joseph is not a leather type of guy.  the costume guy has no taste at all.

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 小鬼!!!! i’ve been waiting to see them two together forever!!! even though i know that she won’t end up with him…..
    杰修 is so cute in this episode!!

  4. can anyone tell me how many episode for this drama?  I hope at the end Lin Xiao Ru will stay with Song Jie xiu.

    • omg! me too!… and the thing is i haven’t watched any previews on this so seeing him is such a freakin surprise!

  5. 在官网上好像说小鬼是来找丞琳报仇的。。。好像说晓如幼年时背叛了他。。。可是我想因该是误会!! 不过还是支持杰修和晓如!!

  6. Xiao GUI!!!!!!!!<3333 I wonder what will happen to rainie & xiao gui in the show since they were once together…. What will the director want them to do….

  7. I can’t wait to see Xiao Gui too. Hotness!!!<3. I wish they both could be in a drama together as the main characters!!!


    and really poor editing on behalf of the editing team.  could hear the director talking in at least 2 scenes!  BOOOOO!

  9. i don’t think is she pregnant. i guess she is talking about yi xiang and peggy. and if she really is pregnant since it’s a spin off of ftly, there should be some episodes to go, since they actually should be ,arried for three months and usually you’ll find out you’re pregnant if two moths passed or something like this, so i don’t think it will happen yet.
    Anyway, I am so excited, Xiao Gui is gonna appear, he looks good much better than in his previous drama. Can’t wait to see Xiao Gui and Raine on screen together. It looks like they know each other from the past, considering the way he looks at her name tag.

  10. xiao ru really pregnant??
    wow, finally xiao gui coming soon next episode, gonna more interesting~ XD
    thanks for sharing!! 

    • I don’t think she is pregnant.  Must be busy with her ex-lover’s (Yi xiang) wedding as his wife-to-be (Peggy) is pregnant

  11. dun like rainie s hair, dun like her clothes, BUT love rainie…wish she can maintain her long hair and tie it up like ariel. most of the actresses are older than her, they still try to look young and cute but rainie is young and cute she is trying to be something else…dun understand lor

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