Love You Episode 09

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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72 thoughts on “Love You Episode 09

  1. it’s funny how most of us do not treasure n tend to take our loved ones for granted until we are going to lose that person, then suddenly there is a big want to please n keep him at all cost, especially when some one else come onto the scene, why why???

    • seriously!… well technically they are the same age but still!!!… him and rainie both look younger than xiao quan….

    • really? i feel that this cut makes her look young and fresh. not that she’s not young and fresh.. haha. love xiao gui!

  2. Wow…rating past 5 now, highest for current idol drama. think joseph will be diving to celebrate right ? Anyway, whatever, just enjoy the drama. Support rainie and joseph…

    • well.. honestly…. its not so much the trust.. more so of the insecurity… she knows that he loves her a lot and she allegedly stole him from rainie… like she told rainie… she’s basically like a ticking time bomb to her… the minute rainie says “i want him back” her whole world would be torn apart…. 

  3. Why didn’t xiao gui & rainie talk for part 6??): if they did, I’ll go crazy Mann!!! Love them SOOO much!!<3 now xiao guy dosen't need to be jealous of Show & Rainie for Hi my sweetheart anymore!!! 😀

  4. It is nice for everyone who wants to comment, that he/she can comment. IT IS EVEN BETTER IF EVERYONE IS POLITE AND DOES NOT USE RUDE WORDS!  PLease


  6. 就这样丢失了交往四年的男朋友,我还是觉得有点可惜。要是我的话,没有骂那个抢走本来是我老公的女人,已经很慈悲了。我真的没办法那么慷慨和宽宏大量

  7. OMG…have to wait again, and again, and again!!!!!…….Future mother-in-law………can’t wait to see the next episode.  =”=’

  8. Ep 9 is like Ep 7. SLOW… this is drama is like new driver on road – going 80 mph for ten minutes and out of blue slowing down to 15 mph. What about keeping a pace?!

  9. OMG CANT WAIT FOR EP 10 ! ONE WEEK OH DEAR! Joseph and rainie obviously already fell for each other =] but it seems like josephs mom is gon be a btch with tiffany next ep  T_T

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