Love You Episode 10

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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88 thoughts on “Love You Episode 10

  1. where are you come from? WTF hahahaha. get your grammar right if you’re portraying someone from America. Lol taiwanese’s english LOL

    • your english sucks dude, “where are you come from” doesn’t make sense. speak for yourself before correcting other people.

    • i meant to say “taiwanese’s english” doesn’t make sense, should just be “taiwanese english”. for example, you say british english not “british’s english”

  2. aiyo like joseph’s direct approach… Do you like me..blablabla….dun give me those crap, just tell me YES or NO….haha

  3. does anyone have iphone4 does this website work for you on your iphone4??

    please please let me know because it is not playing it is showing blank video even though it is on youtube =X

    help =X

  4. I really like Rainie’s new hair style.  Suits her, makes her look more mature.  Both Rainie and Joseph are good actors.  Very natural.  Kingone Wang has a very small part in this drama.  He used play as a main support actor, what happens this time?  I wish they will have a happy ending. 

  5. Interesting and humorous…..have to wait so long for  next episode…hmmmm. Good act by rainie and joseph..

  6. Somehow not used to seeing 2 caucasian looking people in the show…a little weird. Getting more used to Rainie’s short hair, of course still prefer her longer hair. Think Joseph should keep his hair a little longer too…No need to sympathise with Xiao Gui cos as he said before, initially people only started to notice him becos he was Rainie’s ex..good publicity for him. All along he has been acting only smaller parts in dramas anyway. Still feel be cannot act, very stiff….sorry.

  7. So happy they finally interviewed Tom (or at least showed him for once) in the behind the scenes. Really interesting to know how he’s learning his lines and all. And he’s SUPER cute.

      • O dear,I had thought this episode may clinch it for the series,how r ratings derived for TW series?anyways hope it still is the highest rated drama for now. Too bad we can’t see ciao guy in rainy s bikini yet.

        • i think its because of the dramas that play on the same day… around the same time….
          eg. love you, mei le jia you and hayate combat butler{xun feng guan jia}

      • its stil been number 1 rating for all 10 ep tho so its okay =].  it probably dropped cuz rainie wouldnt admit her feelings to joseph! ><

        • Yes,n also there should ve been less slapstick n more lovey dovey scenes btw the two leads like the mag interview scene …..that would have made ratings soar!!Of coz if XR were to give in to JX n confess her true feelings right in this episode,there wouldnt be 15 epis…so more romance,hugs n kisses n heart to heart talks btw the two in future epis n less of the slapstick comedy ,please….n ratings will surely hit the ceiling n even surpass FTLY’s 10!!!

  8. this drama is really good, but xiao gui shouldnt be in it if they wont give him a lot of scenes and acting. Waste of his time. poor xiao gui

    • zhang xiao quan is not a bad actor to be honest, although many people might want to see rainie and xiao gui acting together as lead actor and actress, i reckon zhang xiao quan did a great job as song jie xiu!

      • A bsolutely 100% agree!Joseph chang is the new leading man in town,he s a real natural,o please don’t say u prefer ciao guy to be the lead…dat wud ve spelt disaster for the drama!Joseph Chang is perfect for the role n his chemistry with rainy is electrifying!!!!

        • He is a good actor, but u didnt have to criticize xiao gui. he is a rlly good actor, and rainie’s ex, so they wouldve had great new chemistry again, so it wasnt cool to make fun of him like tht even if u arent a fan of him.if u dun wanna watch xiao gui then dun watch the drama.

          • Oops no offense meant,I like XIao gui but I just can’t picture him in dis role,dat’s all.he s quite intense so can’t reconcile him in a comedic role as dis one.I m not watching the drama for XIao gui,with or without him,the drama is still a big hit for all rainy n Joseph’s fans.

  9. The doctor was the guy who acted in Why WHy Love as the smart student…. here.. he graduated and be doctor le.. ha.

  10. they even found someone with a mole as rainie’s younger self! a lot of other dramas don’t even pay attention to detail.

  11. this may be weird… but i love rainie’s eyebrows! everytime i see them i go, “wow, they’re so perfect!” hahahha. i love the shape and how clean and perfect they areeee. ahhhh. 😀

  12. Oh…what an episode! Rainine should have just said “yes” instead of no!!!!! Can’t wait till they will become a real couple. Like the last preview scene where they were all in the club. Hahahaha, Rainine really do have size B cup.

  13. Stop complaining about Xiaogui’s part please. Rainie and Joseph are the female and male LEADS, so we should focus on them! So rude for people to say Xiaogui “受委屈” just because he agreed to act in this drama. “最近那麼忙還要被用來宣傳舊愛的爛片” omg what in the world? As an actor of this drama, it is only right for him to promote it so that people would watch it, and watch him act!!! I can only say some people do not have patience. Be patient and wait for Xiaogui’s appearance. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON 🙂

    • The actor who plays Rickie is from Hong Kong and the actor that is Rickie’s manager from Taiwan.

      One thing that you need to get straight is that the characters in the drama from both from Hong Kong. Of course they needed to fake the accents and this is a comedy too.

  14. 可憐善良的鬼,幹嗎要接這部戲啊,拿來被炒的這麼明顯,最近那麼忙還要被用來宣傳舊愛的爛片,為什麼啊?!!!黃鴻升 !!

  15. so joseph and rainie likes eachother and then xiao gui will come in while tiffany is stil tryna get back with jospeh  -__- 

  16. 這部劇的製作方很會promote,但很沒誠意!不是因為我是小鬼的fan覺得他受什麼委屈,雖然從一開始就弄什麼投票來糊弄我們~對於別的非主演,也是用過就丟~在weibo等平台也是不斷放消息來博噱頭~不可否認這是一部製作精良的偶像劇,演員也也得很好,但如果收視率是這樣博出來,反而掩蓋了本來的光芒!

    •  批評一個人好嗎? 可以給小鬼建議 , 但不能平白無故說一個人壞話  。 聯給機會都不給 ?
      你這種人上節目看看要不要 保證100萬個說不好 1個人說好 那就你自己 回家自己狗吠 北7

    • i think its deliberate because samantha’s character is one where she feels she’s better than everyone else thus she’s trying to show off her english (for which she does not know is not that great)

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