Love You Episode 13

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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111 thoughts on “Love You Episode 13

  1. well I personally don’t want the show to end so quickly… so the stretching part you stated is fine for me 🙂

  2. 張孝全的表情好豐富,他好會演,徹底愛上他了!

  3. I think it was weird when Xiao Gui told Jie Xiu his ex girlfriend looks like Xiao Ru, it just so implies to the reality….Anyway, Xiao Gui was freakin cute in here. Got to say, there is something about this drama, I don’t know why, I only watch it to finish oit now and because of Xiao Gui and Rainie scenes, or his scenes alone. I think it has gotten a bit boring, a bit dragy, it seems to loose the point a bit, I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to be as interesting as in the beginning.
    I enjoy watching Hayate the Combat butler nowadays, but that’s also perhahps because it’s still new…

    • lets face it…i think most of us here are fans of rainie… for me i watch anything rainie cos i just love watching her…storyline! wat storyline! who cares, jus seeing her face is good enough therapy. that’s what idols are all about right, you like or you dun like, of course it helps that she is beautiful and can act,  so i love rainie. cyndi has never been my cup of tea..rainie is naturally cute, although she is trying to act mature here,  but cyndi is already not at a tender age but trying very hard to be cute hmmm. Yeah, prejudice prejudice lah..we have our soft spots. By the way, try sunshine angel – very nice lah!

      • I’ve been starting on sunshine angel and I love it, much more than Love You I got to say. Finished 10 episodes in two days even if I actually had to study for an exam. That drama is really nice, I even stated to like Wu Zun, was never really fond of him, somehow I always thought he cannot act at all, but it seems that he has improved a bit. But yeah I am not quite a fan of Cindy too, I think she doesn’t look that young anymore and always get those really young roles. Though if I watch one f her dramas I think she is okay, but usually if I look at her, I always think she’s white, it doesn’t even look healthy, I mean plus tehe fact she’s so skinny, it really doesn’t look healthy, but that’s only my opinion.

  4. Wish this show’s more realistic.. find it hard to be absorbed in it despite Raine’s great acting. Joe is too exaggerated – always the same “angry” flustered acting. Alien on the other hand is a gem. His acting has improved much from MIT and looks so handsome in this hairstyle – esp his dimples!!

  5. 我一直都有在追 和 , 本來一直以為好看多了, 可是劇情愈來愈拖, 多了很多不需要的東西~ 現在我也覺得 比較好看!

    • 我和你的看法正好相反。。。看了美乐加油总觉得剧情很夸张。。还有就是贺军翔总是演一样酷酷的角色。。。看久了觉得蛮无聊的。。。相反地醉后因为小鬼的加入我个人觉得变得有趣了。

  6. Making too long…….how can some 1 fall in luv so quickly……they keep changing the partners and exchaging with each other…..feels it’s an orgie going on….

  7. omgggg this ep was the best! so romantic and funny! LOVE JOSEPH! RAINIE SAY YES ALREADY. and if she does say no to josephs that would be horrible! </3 but hopefully they will find a way together,

  8. Good episode with lots of laughs n SJX s love!!! Even LXR is moved by his open display n declarations of affection n love.It s soooooooo heartwarming n I found myself grinning n smiling myself silly throughout the episode.What s best is weibo reports that average rating for this epi was 4.82. ,up by 4.2…yippee….maybe next week it will surpass 5 again.So it still reigns supreme despite its rival drama picking up pace n becoming a little more interesting..whatever the reason…no OTP can match the chemistry that rainie n Joseph have in DTLY.Even XIao GUI was real cute in this episode n it was hilarious when XR said his hairdo is more creative than SJX s ..The last 2episodes r going to be terrific n ratings will go viral!!!

  9. Has this feeling that xiao ru would say no to jie Xiu proposal.. Despite the smile. 🙁 so that there will be more eps..

    • i agree… this is stretching a bit.. still good.. but stretching none the less… love keeps going is getting closer to the climax thats why its less aggravating.. but as far as jie xiu and xiao ru.. i think their parts are SUPER sweet and SUPER adorable!! (^_^)

        • I m with jay …cyndi could never compare with rainie ,not in a million yrs !
          As for being draggy or stretchy..ts is by far the least draggy or stretchy twvdrama to date,all angsty parts get resolved so quickly.SJX declares his love so forthrightly n candidly so soon in the drama,they both get over their old loves so quickly etc n the plot moves so quickly dat sometimes we wish it would slow down n spend more time unfolding SJX n lxr u love for each other.the only thing that they keep dragging is that long overdue elusive Kiss LXR should give SJX..ah dat we will soon see in next epi with lots more lovey dovey scenes for us to savor n want to drag or stretch on n on…

          •  I know right?
            I think this is the best drama in a long time…
            well most dramas with Rainie are good…
            Good actress knows how to choose good dramas…
            I don’t think it’s dragging at all. in fact i agree with you, I really hope it would go on for longer..
            lolz i love how before Love Keeps Going began airing, Cyndi challenged Rainie and said that she would beat her in views… i was like… did someone hit that bitch in the head or is she naturally dumb..
            like cmon.. at least know your limitations..

          • well well, don’t say that. Cyndi’s got lots of good things on her too, and I didn’t think she really wanted to compete with Rainie. if the press likes to make things this way, we can read and have a good laugh. don’t get too serious and started hating everyone else besides your love.

      • Can u plz dun compare cyndi with “ur” Rainie. if u like her ,stay with her. theres no need for u to make ur rainie sounds better than Cyndi. everyone have a diff taste. I like Cyndi more than rainie. i think she acts very good at love keeps going. .

        • ok well first of all, buddy
          1. it’s Your not ur
          2. Why did you use the quotations? I never said Rainie was mine
          3. I’m not MAKING rainie sounds better than Cyndi….. Rainie IS better than Cyndi.. there’s no need for me to make it up
          4. Yes people have different tastes, but the skill of acting is Black and White. The actor is either GOOD or BAD. and facts state that Rainie is better than Cyndi. at acting. So, if you think Cyndi is good at acting… then you’ve got a problem
          5. It’s acts very “well” not “good”
          6. Stop watching dramas and go back to school to learn english.
          thank you
          so what she’s getting better at acting? she still sucks… lol… there’s a lot for her to do in order to catch up with Rainie..
          For crying out loud.. that woman is 28 and she acts as if she’s 16…. grow up..
          ALSO. Rainie is better than Cyndi wasn’t my only fact. I also said Love Keeps Going’s plot line is terrible compared to this.
          NOW WHAT. BITCH.

          • oh please grow up, you might say that to yourself if you were kind enough to make those “nice”comments on others’ posts. Rainie would seriously not want any of her fans to act like this, attacking other actresses just because YOU judged that Rainie was better. you need to go back to school and learn the good manners before you go out and spam words like “bitch.” And thank you too.

        • I do agree that Jay is a bit rude in saying Cyndi sucks…but its true that Cyndi didn’t act as good as Rainie in their newest drama…

  10. There is still Xiao Ru’s biological mother and the relationship between Richie and Ai Wei,so i think it will stretch till at least 20 eps..:)..and I suppose the love battle between the 2 guys won’t end that easily..And I want the next episode soooooooo badly!!!..Next week come faster!!

  11. sitting for an hour in front of the computer and kept pressing to refresh thise website and FINALLY ep13 comes!!!

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