Love You Episode 14

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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139 thoughts on “Love You Episode 14

  1. This drama maybe draggy like crazy, but it makes you anticipate more every week! Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang. I love it! 🙂

      • Not really political views, cos it’s not like you can choose to NOT be a communist or a democrat unless you want to betray your country. Communists are not accustomed to open-platform discussion. That’s how they are raised.

    • 以”命中注定愛上你”第2集作為宣傳, 再加上金鐘影后的加持, 跟其它台視播出的”高收視率”戲劇相較起來, 4點多的收視率其實不算很高…演員都很棒, 搞砸的是陳銘章及編劇, 不要再加戲一直把戲拖下去了吧!! 以免造成一些觀眾對演員們的倦怠感…

  2. This show can be ended long time ago, the storyline was good, but I don’t understand why it drag on for so long now……

  3. 丞琳。。越来越棒啦。。。她演戏真的是一流哦。。哈哈。。下一集小鬼跟她有吻戏哦。。期待吧。。。晓如跟宋杰修在一起拉。。。。yeah……love this drama

  4. Hey fans of Xiao GUI n dtyl,go to Asianfanatics forum right now to catch a glimpse of the new preview for episode 15,it s gonna make u guys wild!!!That guy is quite a kisser LOL..holy cow,bet dat would have made Joseph jealous!!!

        • Ya,n stripped that huge symbolic ring off XR s finger!!!So! That’s why 4 more episodes to go…the path of love will not be a smooth one for XR n SJX n will be paved by obstacles n objections,jokers like the doctor n reporter n a childhood pal wearing a earring …wow…it s gonna be loads of thrills n spills in the next 4episodes n hope rating will soar next week with this XG ‘s passionate kiss,hey,it was more whopping than that long lip peck SJX gave XR under the wishing tree!! But in an interview,I recall Rainie saying that she didn’t feel much sparks from that kiss with XG,saying it was platonic …she felt more sparks in her love scenes with Joseph LOL….OOOOO I love LOVE YOU!!!

    • btw for those that can’t find on Asianfanatics, I also found it on youtube:

  5. so ….xiao gui fall in love with xiao ru since they are younger … a child ..they know about love d ? umm….and ummm….xiao gui bcos of this thought that rainie forget abt him have betray him ? umm….this is so….umm…unlogic…is like …for the sake of the drama “ke chuan” then only he squeeze in to this drama….==

    • ya he is cute in this show! Hope he and Rainie can act together in the future as the male and female lead character~

  6. omg.. 小鬼!! i lovee jiexiu and xiaoru but i love xiaogui and xiaoru too!! ugh.. xiaogui’s facial expression at the end broke my heart!!

  7. 丞琳演技很棒  可是劇情有點太少起伏.真的不比命中注定我愛你好看耶..

    • 命中很好看,可是醉后也很好看啊,我个人觉得大家不因该拿醉后和命中相比,因为每个偶像剧都有他们的优缺点!

  8. For those that just come here to say that Love keeps going is better than this one… All I can say is stop posting on here and go back to ur Cyndi… We here are supporting Rainie and this show!

    • I second that! It is not jay who is being rude but all of u who keep trying to drag LKG n dat cyndi lauper watzername into ts discussion n trying to compare it n her with DTLY n Rainie respectively!bah…there s nothing to compare nor to compete..DTYL is in a league of its own dis summer,holding steady to its top ranking for 14consecutive weeks n LKG despite all ur ravings n rantings n it’s so called popularity of it’s female lead,lags far behind finishing 2nd ,for the want of a more appealing drama at ts time(actually material queen is much superior to it but loses out becoz ppl don’t appreciate arty farty dramas in TW)and as for comparing Rainie to ms Wang…yikes….just watch Rainie in her element in today s segment where she was racked with sobs after her reconciliation with her real,so tangible,only an accomplished actress such as Rainie could bring out such conflict,emotions and anguish n relief in just one scene!it was absolutely brilliant!can cyndi wannabe ever come close to being 2nd fiddle…not in a trillion yrs,,so folks,if u can’t take what u dish out,don’t come here n run DTLY down…n accuse loyal fans like jay as being rude n uncivilized….just coz we uphold n affirm DTLY to be d best TW drama in recent times n despite the angst,comedy,slapstick,sub plots n secondary characters,it still reigns supreme coz of Rainie n Joseph n tr incredible chemistry n superb if don’t uv anything good or constructive to say about our love,by all means take ur gripes grouses praises n ramblings to the LKG forum ! Thank u.

  9. 丞琳的演技越来越好了!还有就是以前不怎么注意张孝全,看了这部剧后对他的好感大大增加了!

  10. 丞琳的演技越来越好了!还有就是以前不怎么注意张孝全,看了这部剧后对他的好感大大增加了!

  11. omg i cried when rainie cried too!
    can’t wait for the next ep, xiaogui & rainie -another touching scene! 😉

  12. omg i cried when rainie cried too!
    can’t wait for the next ep, xiaogui & rainie -another touching scene! 😉

  13. … seriously?… they can’t let them remarry in this episode?!?!? they had to stretch that didn’t they… crap…. i love this drama but its starting to get irritating… it was going so good!!.. she said yes to jie xiu and all.. all they need to be is remarried!!! 

  14. … seriously?… they can’t let them remarry in this episode?!?!? they had to stretch that didn’t they… crap…. i love this drama but its starting to get irritating… it was going so good!!.. she said yes to jie xiu and all.. all they need to be is remarried!!! 

    • Actually, Yes.
      For those who are starting to get bored of this show, listen to vivi. Go watch Love Keeps Going… that level of terrible acting and uncreativeness is more of your level… 🙂
      have fun looking at Cyndi’s never changing facial expressions and awaits her 金钟奖影后

      • have you even tried watching it?.. the storyline is going surprisingly fast.. and i’ve seen other dramas that cyndi has been in.. she’s improved A LOT in love keeps going… she may not be as great of an actress like rainie… and no one can argue that, i mean look at that cry scene rainie had! but you cant deny that love keeps going is going in the right direction and speed also

        • well all i can say is Love keeps going only showed about 6ep… back when Love you was on ep 6 it was going in the right speed aswell… you never know if Love keeps going is going to slow down or starts to go off topic in future episodes…..

      • I actually doesn’t like cyndi’s drama before, but in that one, she had really improve a lot, that’s why I recommend it, and it was also because of the storyline of that show,it is really better than this one. U should try watching that show first before giving such rude comments. so uncivilized..haih

      • true… if this is the way all the Cyndi fans etc who come here and leave comments like that to “try” and get LKG a high rating… its pretty lame… and it’s going to be very hard to beat Love You… like please… if you think Love keeps going is good, go leave the comments under Love keeps going’s episodes… not here… WE ARE SUPPORTING LOVE YOU! 

    • I’ve watched 1ep of Love keeps going and is already bored of Mike He’s similar character in almost every drama of his… I’d rather stick to Love You, love the actor and actress and the characters they play, specially Rainie, she improved so much!

    • 如果你觉得无聊可以不用看啊。。。并不用特地留这个言。。。有很多人不是这么认为的好不好。。。

  15. love this drama till i saw the next ep preview .. start getting boring!!!
    drag too long … i really love this part .. suppsed to end within next one or two ep .. shoudnt have some new issue to drag down anymore!!!

  16. yeah, I’m kind of done with this drama.
    I don’t understand why the ratings for this drama is so high
    except the fact that Rainie Yang is in this.
    Rainie’s character can be mad annoying sometimes.

    • the only reason why this drama got high rating is because it is produced by san li. and san li promote their dramas all day long. they have variety shows dedicate to these drama promotions showing behind the scenes stuff.

        • Absolutely,,,,with everything u n jay you is not only much better,it s a 100 times better than any other TW dramas this season which explains why it s top ranked for 14weeks despite the complaints that it’s long,dragging,stretching,boring,annoying blah blah blah.why try so hard to convince urself that LKG is better n more interesting…just go watch it n let us watch n enjoy our fav TW drama With those who appreciate it n the wonderful cast.please don’t insult it by making stupid assumptions about its high ratings..the only reason is because there r many out there who love it enough to be glued to it each Sunday nite from TW to the USA coz” it is freakin’ good drama in a long time.”

      • 收視率? 算了吧…不住在台灣的人是根本不會懂台灣的收視率有多麼的不客觀, 偏偏就是有一堆廣告商和白痴一直依賴著它, 才會造就高灑狗血台劇的高收視率!

        • 如果它不好看,就算是有一堆广告也不会有人看啊。而且我觉得醉后的演员根本没有宣传很多,自从醉后开播以后,演员还没有上过什么节目去宣传。。。 不像其他剧,刚播演员就到各大节目去做宣传。。。 想找个醉后演员上过的节目都没有 T_T

          • 一群笨蛋不知道在生什麼氣,有人只不過是說這部片子在拖戲但就是有笨蛋認為這是在對演員們作出批評?麻煩用大人的腦袋去分辨是非好嗎?樓上已有人已經說了廣告商(或仲介)只會看收視率,而收視率調查戶來來去去就只有那一仟多戶,樣本取樣根本就不準確也不公平,等你住在台灣好一陣子就會知道了.只會看收視率的根本就是白癡外加智障,這也是為什麼被大家罵得半死的本土劇卻一直有著穩定的收視率,也是為什麼許多製作人一直感嘆節目在台灣真的很難做下去,希望台灣政府出面幫忙,還有,金鐘影后本身就是個最大的宣傳,何必需要上那麼節目去宣傳?如此說不定反而會讓自己降格.另外,你若沒有發現,許多支持丞林的觀眾也都認為這戲劇太會拖了,你隨便去google一下就會發現不是只有這裡的一些人感覺到拖戲.

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