Love You Episode 16

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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71 thoughts on “Love You Episode 16

  1. Damnnn. Tat stupid ex- Zhu Ren. -.- Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu’s relationship was so good. Now all her fault they’re fallin out. -.- 

    • You can’t because the user who uplaoded the video or whatever deleted them. Try english subbed, kind of the same but eniglsh sub and Chatting on the top. 🙂

  2. 丞琳。。。在医院遇到那个庙婆的时候。。。他穿的那个白色衬衫配一条围巾。。。唔。。。她很漂亮。。我喜欢她这样子穿。。。很有女人味。。。。like it so much

  3. at the end/preview… did jie xiu look for xiao ru because his mom woke up..? is it only because of that? what if his mom didn’t wake up??? does that mean that xiao ru would have just left ….

    • that guy seriously can’t dump her because of his mom falling from the staircase. that is so foolish ..what have even happen at the beginning ? all wasted ? 

    • that guy seriously can’t dump her because of his mom falling from the staircase. that is so foolish ..what have even happen at the beginning ? all wasted ? 

  4. The baker is better off as a philosopher instead… he probably said the most intelligent thing in this entire drama… xD
    and c’mon… really? nobody even thought about checking the shoes she was wearing..? like HELLO.. the freaking heel broke off… 

  5. I’m so so so sad for Rainie. OMG ! I’m sad for Joseph too. Haiz. This show is freaking awesome. Love JOSEPH AND RAINIE. Dying and begging for the next ep. 

  6. O yes,LY still reigns supreme! ratings upped to 4.29 this episode,leaving all its rivals trailing far behind! No doubt,it is still the still the fav of many..despite it losing steam last few epis…the next 2 epis r going to be great.jia you!

  7. O wow this episode was real good,right amount of laughter,angst,conflict and resolution eventually…ingredients that a good rom com should have.thoroughly enjoyed it and was so affected by SJX n LXR s anguish,inner conflicts n guilt…Joseph Chang n Rainie were really in their element here..they can take on diverse roles,comedic,happy,serious,melancholic..AWesome!!!this is still the best TW rom com for now.can’t wait for the next 2 episodes.

    • totally agree! especially the bit when jiexiu started to lose his temper and slammed his hands down onto xiaoru’s…Rainie’s expression, hurt and frightened, made my heart break with xiaoru’s

    • AGREE,,今集真係來個SUPRISE, 上一集沒有預告過的, 丞琳跟孝全演得太好了,很動人,,很真實,,,我的情緒都被他們牽動了

  8. 如果編成小鬼跟丞琳一對,若亞跟孝全一對,白梓軒跟瑋甯一對,那就出人意料了,但編劇那敢這樣做,新妮也幹太多損人不利己的事情吧,這種人怎會在美國幹到副理?高職位的行政人員是要腦袋的啊,新妮的角色跟本沒腦袋啊,瑋甯好像聽到新妮自爆…但現實中那有人自言自語啊,根本是為了拖戲而演的,因為男女主角在一起就ending了,要拖到18集…

  9. Absolutely loved this touching n gripping.really brought out the best in both rainie s n Joseph s acting prowess. can’t wait for next week s epi.will cry buckets when SJX cries..Love you still the best!!!

  10. 很感人;; 這集很好看 <3 丞琳演戲又進步囉!! 

    this episode is rlly touchingg.. <3

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