Love You Episode 18 The End

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When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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102 thoughts on “Love You Episode 18 The End

  1. Lin Xiao Ru and Song Jie Xiu are compatible in this drama everthough I watch this drama halfway but I can still catch the drama as it is funny kind of love story  and makes one laugh sure not a boring kind of drama

  2. yes I like to watch this drama it is really full of fun and both actor and actress are a fresh face that is making this drama so exciting to watch can’t wait to see the final episode … are they really married to each other… bcoz of Ah Wei interference I hope she should marry the owner of the restaurant when Lin Xiao Ru works… I don’t want Lin Xiao Ru and Song Jie Xiu go separate ways hope they finally married to make this drama good to watch.

  3. Jie Xiu’s mom , Xiao Ru’s mom and her best friend Meng Juen are so freaking funny !!! ROMANCE AND COMEDY DRAMA FTW !!!! I really really love the comedy parts !

  4. 他們戲外好像相處得很好! 真的希望以後可以成為情侶… :]
    雖然很捨不得 我還是要謝謝這部戲 然我發現張孝全那麼帥氣的一面! 陽丞琳的演技還是一樣棒!
    很高興看完了! 然我有一重辛福的感覺 *^_^*

  5. Oh em geee loooove this drama!! Is it stupid of me for wanting to ship Joseph and Rainie together?? They’d make a GREAT couple….

    & come one guyss!! I’m sad it’s over too! But…..
    好的事情最後雖然結束 感動十分就有十分滿足 :]

  6. I hate dramas like this. At first, it’s like the best drama ever, until episode 10 or 15. It goes down down hill from there. Endless love is one, this is one. Why can’t it not drag when it gets toward the end? Know I am just hoping Love you won’t do the same…. 

  7. 醉後決定愛上你~~~真的好不捨得喔!!:(
    一個很吸引人的開頭.一個很完美的the end

  8. 其實我想問這個網站的主頁是甚麼?
    知道的可否回答我呢? 謝謝:)

  9. 如果心裏還存著不甘心,就還不到放棄的時候





  10. Yeah!me too!btw any idea wr we can buy the mvs to rainie s longing album?my copy arrived yesterday thru yessasia but only cd n picture bk ,no mvs of the songs longing n we r all fools!Tq

  11. A lovely delightful finale to one of the best TW dramas in recent years!the ending tied up whatever loose ends that epi 17 didn’t,her reunion e
    With her mum,reasons why she left,TAW n Rickie s relationship n what happened to LXR s savings!!,It was hilarious n sssooo romantic ESP the honeymoon.SJX n LXR looked so good together..their happiness seemed real!!! think I wore a silly smile on my face throut the episode n was laughing out loud at most of the comedic scenes.although it was rather gross that the mothers n CMJ should try to watch the wedding night….very perverted…but somehow it was more hilarious than offensive!ratings -4.65 ! Number one for 18 weeks!!Keeping fingers crossed we will be seeing Rainie n Joseph in a new collaboration soon..will miss them n LY so much till then.what will Sunday nights be without them??

  12. 還有後面那三個在偷窺時 實在太害羞了~~ 不能這樣啦!!
    一個胖子說在吃甜筒 一個媽媽說在看星星 一個廟婆說在看風水 太經典了~!!!! 哈哈哈

  13. part 4  11:40秒 林曉如說”什麼算了~~~ 都是你把我的錢全部都捐出去” 那邊丞琳真表情實在太可愛了~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ahhhhsss, this drama was such a great drama 🙂 <3
    and LOL LOVE the way they dressed up their twin cars for the wedding 🙂

  15. 楊丞琳真的很會演,反觀加油美樂,劇情不錯,但女主角真的演得不好,太做作,大嘴講出的台詞很不清楚

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