Next Heroes Episode 07

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17 thoughts on “Next Heroes Episode 07

  1. WTF…First the rich family, sick mom, scheming 2nd mom and uncle, and now a mute girl? The script writer must have really liked TVB’s Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance. 

  2. 大家仔細看 劇情有瑕疵

    不是找到關衝跟小琳的指紋 PART3 7:40
    就算關衝那邊怎麼扭曲事實 巷子裡都沒有海漢子的指紋啊
    而且小林可以去驗傷 作DNA辨識
    我只能說 劇情爛透了

  3. frankly, if I see that guan chong on the streets, I am gonna slap him so hard his face will be crooked for life. sigh. but it’s only a drama.:( 

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