Next Heroes Episode 08

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25 thoughts on “Next Heroes Episode 08

  1. This drama has the worst script ever..could be nominated the worst drama i have ever watched.. without thinking, u can even notice how stupid the drama goes on…the standard is absolutely poor..

  2. 就算真的是大法官的人格, 講的話還是一點道理都沒有呀…
    一直拼命說女律師說的話是垃圾,想像. 又做人身攻擊, 說她不適合做律師. 可是也沒有提出什麼證據或是推理.  

  3. rapist’s dad acting skill is horrible. he has the lowest grade acting skill among all the good actors! “儿子!不要哭!不要哭” with a expressionless face… LOL
    The standard of the script of this show is really getting lower & lower. what a waste of the using such great group of actors. They deserved to be in a better scripted show!

  4. 那個梁爽到底是什麼咖呀?
    第7集的預告裡他說關沖絕對是在演戲.  意思是說他看完了那段影片, 做出的結論是這樣囉.

  5. this is a bullshit show! who the f*** won’t defend their deaf cousin who just got raped? 海真是白癡。。。 crappy show… that’s it, i will not watch this anymore!

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