Next Heroes Episode 10

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11 thoughts on “Next Heroes Episode 10

  1. 真的很受不了叫自己媽媽鐵媽媽 媽媽就媽媽 老媽就老媽 媽也可以阿 = = 超怪的 哪有人會自己這樣叫媽媽
    小媽聽起來都比鐵媽媽還親切 真編劇有問題!!!!!!!!!!

    • 港劇其實很多也是這樣稱呼(原音的非台灣配音) 不過一般台灣人不習慣這種叫法, 說不定哪天台劇也會出現”老豆” -.-:

  2. they’re so stupid!!!! they did that in p.s i love u tooo. what’s the matter with them, can’t they take a little romance  

  3. The case that they’re working on is very similar to one from a TVB drama! Angela Tong was the fortune teller in that case. 

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