Next Heroes Episode 12

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16 thoughts on “Next Heroes Episode 12

    • FYI – the people uploading the videos are doing it as fast as they can. AND you should probably get your facts straight~ this drama only airs once a week in taiwan and the people uploading this is UP-TO-DATE. SO JUST BE PATIENT! 

  1. 難道真的漢子是指精彩哥?原來以為一個英雄死了以後,換個無賴痞子警察來撐全局,沒想到又有個臥底警察來加碼。精彩可期。

  2. 總覺得海翹那個笨蛋會壞了精彩哥的計畫.
    還在那麼多人面前炫耀說梁爽沒死.. 龍坤知到了怎麼辦.
    梁爽要去自己搞定精采哥還在那裡 ” no no” 的. 真討厭

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