Next Heroes Episode 13

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21 thoughts on “Next Heroes Episode 13

  1. 精彩哥簡直就是laughing gor的台灣版。他的故事簡直跟laughing gor系列第一部電影一模一樣。

  2. 精彩哥演的太讚了!有黑道的狠勁;警察的盡忠職守;臥底的心思細密;人父的慈愛動容;應該去角遂金鐘奬的,給你拍拍手加12萬個讚!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 本來不想罵的………..受不了那白吃編劇和導演


  4. I think the production is short of money. So sadly, they had to cut the story line revealing jing cai in such an illogical way.

    Ai) Jingcai did a good job keeping his identity secret for 10 yrs. Not even his girlfriend knew or best friend Gao Chang knew. Why would he so easily let BOTH hai chao and liang shuang know that easily? Esp. the way it was revealed…getting red yam to “kidnap” hai cao.

    Aii)Jingcai’s identity being revealed to the gangs was poorly written out too. Red yam going to rescue jingcai out of 123902139120 police’s hands with a (1) borrowed gun

    B) During the important 10kg drug delivery, why the heck would he be on the phone with Liang Shuang getting updates every 10min on his kid…when for the past 10 years he did not contact the child. PLUS it is very uncharacteristic of Liang shuang to do such a noobish thing while jingcai is on a MISSION.

    C)The prostitute transfering the wire to free jingcai was kinda random lol

    • Liang Shuang was simply being a noob.  All his fault.
      I think the only reasons Jingcai disclosed his identity were because:
      a) Liang Shuang was being a noob and kept following JingCai, which would interfere with his plans.
      b) HaiQiao being a noob and was going to interfere with Jingcai’s plans by doing that break-in thing “with over 200 cops” to take down one drug lab.

  5. i will really really pissed off if 精彩哥 dies…..

    that would make me hate this drama…..

    he is the only person can’t dies in this drama!!

    • I will be even more pissed off if they axe off JingCai’s character so that they can move on to the next “chapter”…ie. Liang Shuang & Hai Cao’s relationship.

      based on the preview ie.. Jingcai getting slashed at + Liang Shuang blocking bullets and Hai Cao’s convo with liang shuang’s mommy… 

      it seems like theres a 70% chance of it being true :'(

    • 可是感覺上好像精彩哥這段故事結束後還會有下一段 (好像小媽的戲又來了, 還有梁爽部分), 所以很可惜他不是主角.  要是整部戲的重點都是他的話一定很好看

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