Remember, About Us (記得,我們有約) Episode 01

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38 thoughts on “Remember, About Us (記得,我們有約) Episode 01

  1. Those who don’t like the actor or story then don’t watch la. No one force you to watch. And ya, I dint mean to say anything, just feel if you really dont like them, You can comment. But before comment, use brain to think first, or else you guys go act la. I think most of you if worst than them. Durh.

  2. 我很受不了吳亞馨的演技. 她美得像仙女. 可惜演技口調都不行. 她既然是演一個董事長. 就應該在衣著上穿得專業一點. 每1集只要是裙裝機乎都迷你裙. 實在讓人掘得這戲太假…這些演員演技有慢慢進步. 加油吧..

  3. Thank you so much for uploading this drama series. I’m interested in this drama. Yes, it’s a typical idol drama with rich guy, poor girl plot. I’m here to get my normal dose of electrifying love story and I’m getting it here… I like Ken. Hope I see him more in many more dramas. And I also hope this will be english subbed soon

  4. Ken has gotten so much better as an actor.  even though this story line isn’t new…i actually find that i quite like the chemistry between Ken and Michelle.  Ken plays a GREAT cold business man.  He’s not mean…but very believable in this role. And Michelle is, at this point, a good balance of spirited but not rebellious.  She’s not too cutesy…which I like…and she’s not too free spirited that she’s incompetant.  it’s starting well.  true, the storyline is a well-trodden path…but i am open to continue watching.  it has caught my attention. 

  5. Boring show and art direction has no standard. Camera frames keep switching switching switching. The props/interior styling of the lead actor’s dad’s office looks pathetic. All the background scenes captured are zzzzz… I’ve stopped watching after Part 1 and won’t continue.

  6. i think this is the third time i watched a drama with the guy driving a car and girl riding a bicycle and almost getting into an accident. =_________= 3 times in 2 years. PS Man, this one, Sunny Happiness. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase come up with something new. omg. 

  7. I like 吳亞馨 as a woman, I think she is pretty inside and outside.  That’s why I watch this drama.  Her facial expression has improved a little in this drama than the last one I saw her, but she still needs to work on her vocal.  I feel she is just reading the line from the book without any tones.

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